AV specialist and subtitler

Valentina Stagnaro

About me

I subtitle and know things, that’s what I do.

With 10 years of experience in the AV sector, you can pay me to watch TV series and be happy with the result!

More about me

A few things I’m great at

Before skipping straight to the services I provide, you might want to know a few things more about my attitude when I’m working

AVT and Subtitling 

Audiovisual translation is a very fancy field, and working in the sector goes side by side with expressions like “my passion for languages + my passion for cinema”. I don’t like my passion for cinema being mixed with my work, which requires professional experience, deep knowledge of the rules of script writing, analysis skills and love for technology.

CAT tools

At first, I thought it was laziness. Then I understood the huge potential of CAT tools and machine translation. Although people tend to undervaluate and boycot the use of CAT tools and MTPE in AVT, it is my research field of election. Consistency or death!
Of course, I am a cat lady both in upper and lowercase.


Studies have shown writing has many benefits on our health, the main one being I am paid to do it. I write down my thoughs, my workflow, my daily routine and what I learn everyday.
This way, I keep track of a lot of things that often go unnoticed, and makes me good at communication, at explaining things and at simplifying processes.

Asking questions and listening
to the answer

“Better safe than sorry” is one of the lessons I have learnt in my carreer. I ask a lot of questions and one of my favorite quote is “Explain this to me like I’m a two-year old” (can you guess the movie? Clic here to know the answer), partly due to my experience translating manuals.
I appreciate crystal clear instructions.

Team working

I am good at not causing problems and at being peaceful, quiet and willing to do what needs to be done – and it is exactly what makes me good at team working.
As an audiovisual translator, I know the importance of keeping track of all the team’s work (tone of voice, terminology) for the sake of consistency and quality.

Cooking, baking and gardening

I like watching things grow:
I know a lot about plants and harvesting, about cakes, cookies and cooking techniques. Watering and taking care of my plants and officinal herbs is a way to find my piece of mind.

If I’m not answering my emails, please look for me in my synergic vegetable garden.


A fine selection of my latest translation works

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Ted Lasso – translation for dubbing and subitling

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The Velvet Underground – subtitling

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Occhio Lightstream – subtitling

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Colin in black and white – translation for dubbing

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