Rome, Italy

About me

Sometimes the human side of collaborations is lost to the huge amount of useless informations about how pro we are, so here is everything you might want to know about me as a human being.

I was born in Genoa and raised in the beautiful seaside town of Sestri Levante. I moved to Rome when I was 19 and immediately fell in love with the city and its amazing history. As an associate of Roma Sparita, I have had the chance to explore almost every inch of the Eternal City and to deepen my knowledge of its monuments, history and art. I worked in one of Rome’s historical wine shops, were I learnt a lot about beers, wines, spirits and pairings. I have met and become friend of some well-known sommeliers and to participate to tastings and workshops. 

During the years I indulged in the pleasures of the Dolce vita, I bought a motorbike and enjoyed long, beautiful days sailing to the Pontine Islands, “a cluster of former prison islands packed with history and surrounded by pristine blue water“, snorkeling and exploring their wonderful ruins and landscapes. I was fascinated by the Santo Stefano Prison in Ventotene and read a lot about the social and theoretical mechanisms behind the penal system. Discipline and Punish by Foucault inspired me to dig in social science and political philosophy. 

Gaetano Bresci was one of the “famous” guests of the prison and is one of my favourite historical characters. I like reading and studying books about anarchy and Italian anarchists, particularly the works of Leda Rafanelli and Errico Malatesta

After almost ten years in Rome, I moved to the countryside with the aim of going back to the land and I am now starting my own activity as a (certified) agripreneur. It means I know a lot about plants, botanics, agricultural techniques as well as foraging, mushrooms, farm animals and horses. I can also sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and embroider, meaning that yes, I can read this, and this one too.

I am a walking encyclopedia of WWI and as a graduated in American literature I have had the chance to study in deep many authors and to cultivate my own taste in American literature, helped by my years volunteering at the Santa Susanna English Library in Rome. 

Music has a central role in my daily life, I turn Spotify on right after breakfast and turn it off before going to bed. From jazz to death metal, I cannot say I am a music expert (although I have studied solfeggio for years and I am going back to Music school in January) but I’m indeed a big fan. Death metal might not be the best choice for good girls, and so is football. I am fascinated by stories and there are many who deserve to be read in football history. Starting from the team I support, one of Italy’s oldest ones, I got interested in history of football and have read amazing books about great teams and football players. Also, I know almost by heart Argentina 0-5 Colombia