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Creative and Web writing

Back in 2011, a friend and I founded a little agency higly specialized in Academic writing. Ci siamo intesi has had a short but incredibly productive life. I ghost-wrote, edited and proofread articles, presentations and  non-research thesis on American Literature (among the many authors studied: Hemingway, Zora Neale-Hurston, Joyce Johnson and F.S. Fitzgerald).

After a post-graduate course in Web writing I took ghost-writing to the next level and started to write contents for blog posts about historical characters and funny facts, about cooking techniques and tourism in general. At the moment, I am creating contents for a schoolbook and study guide.
The most fulfilling task: writing an article about my cats being awesome for QuattroZampe.
The most frustrating task: writing an article about Afghanistan War struggling to be as objective as possible and understanding the clients had enhanced my style by adding some warmonger details.

Me and my beautiful Signor Eugenio being awesome off the cost of Palmarola

Machine Translation Post Editing

I signed way too many NDAs to list the clients I have been post-editing for, but I have post edited more than 300K words in the last two years, ranging from e-commerce catalogues to tourism platforms and OS interfaces as well as IT, automotive and medical manuals. I am able to work with different tools (mainly MemoQ, Trados Studio, Translation Workspace, Smartcat, MateCat and Lingotek) and to follow the whole MT editing process, from the creation of suitable files to the implementation of light and full post-editing strategies to the QA and review process.

Technical translation

I specialized in medical translation from the SSMT of Pescara, Italy; right after my certification I started to work with two non-profit organizations, In Cammino per la Famiglia, for which I translated many kinds of medical documents, particularly pediatrical and psychological evaluations of children to be adopted – and Progetto Rwanda, thanks to which I have gained a great knowledge of agricultural systems and environmental protection.
Being a biker, I developed a particular knowledge of the automotive sector (I mean, I really know how engines work!) and spare parts are definitely my cup of tea. 
Once a wise man told me he likes to read manuals, because manuals are the only key to understand how stuff works and I have highly re-evaluated my assignments: so I do not mchanically translate endless pages of instructions but most of the time I am really interested in the way machines work. Look at the video: aren’t those machines amazing? Food processing and packaging machines are my favourite, together with medical devices (I can’t help it, I have a thing for blood splatters).